Donald Trump butchers American history, Colbert responds

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President Donald Trump spoke about the Civil War on a radio interview, but as Stephen Colbert points out, he gets a few things wrong.

Stephen Colbert has a lot of fun on The Late Show in regards to Donald Trump. Taking to the CBS show last night, Colbert spent a lot of time poking fun at the president of the United States. But he noted that he still had something else to add about Trump, due to a SiriusXM interview gaffe just that morning that Colbert just couldn’t let go.

Somehow, Trump gets onto the discussion of the history of the American Civil War. The POTUS talks about former president Andrew Jackson getting very angry when seeing it happen. “There’s no reason for this,” Trump imagines Jackson as saying. Colbert follows that up by suggesting Jackson would think that, because his “slaves are perfectly happy.”

However, Colbert notes that, in Jackson’s defense, he actually wasn’t around at the time of the Civil War. In fact, he died 16 years before it even began. “Or, as Donald Trump would put it, ‘I prefer presidents who don’t die,'” Colbert quips.

The Late Show host then plays a clip of Trump posing the big question, “Why was there a Civil War?” Colbert jokes that it’s one of the great mysteries of our time, along with “Who murdered the Titanic?” To help answer Trump’s question, though, Colbert gets an assist from the animated ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

Watch the entire hilarious segment in the YouTube video below.

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Trump has a tendency to only believe the stories he makes up in his mind, calling everything else “fake news.” It makes sense he’d rewrite his own version of history as well.