Colbert keeps the Alex Jones parodies coming

Credit: CBS
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On The Late Show last night, Stephen Colbert brought back his Alex Jones inspired character Tuck Buckford in a scathing new parody.

Stephen Colbert spent nine years portraying a conservative alter-ego on The Colbert Report. It was largely based on the now unemployed Bill O’Reilly. Now, it seems Colbert has created another far-right parody persona that is just as hilarious.

Recently, Colbert introduced Tuck Buckford, an impression of “performance artist” Alex Jones. It’s spot on and many people, including myself, were hoping for more Tuck Buckford segments. Ask and ye shall receive, I suppose, because Colbert has obliged.

On last night’s Late Show, Colbert reminded the audience of Jones’ recent legal battles. Colbert said that his old alter-ego Tuck Buckford went through a lot of the same problems, which he talked about on his show.  He then shows another clip of him in character as Tuck and it gets even more outlandish.

In the clip, Colbert mocks Jones for apparently forgetting basic details about his children, blaming it on a “big bowl of chili for lunch”. Buckford jokes that he doesn’t know “how many of the children are there, or what their names are, and if all of those children are my children.”

But Tuck dials it up a bit further by actually whipping out a bowl of chili. He then proceeds to drop his pants, rubbing the chili on his bare thigh. He refers to it as a “moisturizer as God intended.”

You can watch the entire clip in the YouTube video below.

These Tuck Buckford segments are some of the funniest Colbert bits I’ve ever seen. Part of me hopes Jones’ career will survive being outed as a performance artist. That way, Colbert can keep these hilarious parodies coming.