Kimmel gets an Easter basket from his mom, existential questions from his daughter

Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube
Jimmy Kimmel Live! / YouTube /

May your Easter have the lush gift baskets of Jimmy Kimmel’s mom and not the existential questions of his daughter.

Easter is this Sunday and if you are still in need of an Easter basket, Jimmy Kimmel’s mom sent him one you can regift. He may be the only 49-year-old man in the room whose mother still gets him an Easter basket, but who doesn’t want egg-shaped chalk, herb scissors and snacks you don’t even like?

The crowd during Thursday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! was all cheers (“no, don’t say woo”), but Kimmel had some questions. Namely, who rewrapped the basket and whether if they agreed on no baskets after 50, does that include Easter when he is 50?

And, it seems, Jimmy isn’t the only Kimmel with questions. The previous night, Kimmel and his wife were coloring eggs with their three-year-old daughter: “I tried to make one nice egg…she just took it and threw it in the purple.” First, Jane asked a soft-ball now-what question after they finished decorating. Kimmel knocked that one out of the park. Next, they would put the eggs back in the refrigerator and wait for the Easter Bunny to come and hide them. Jane had a follow-up question. She wanted to know why. And Kimmel had nothing – “at least Santa makes sense.”

Watch the segment – and see what else Kimmel got in his Easter basket – below.

Nothing says Easter like Pop Rocks, a bubble blower and a fancy tea bag. Naturally, Kimmel thinks the basket makes a perfect regift for Guillermo’s son.

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As for why the Easter Bunny hides eggs – or why we decorate eggs for the bunny to then hide – there does not seem to be any consensus out there. The best the BBC could come up with is that eggs are a symbol of life. The Huffington Post thinks it may have all been a joke played by a monk named Bede. In any case, regifting is a tradition we can all get behind.