Trevor Noah asks if Jared Kushner is Real President


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah brought back the segment “Who is the Real President?” to break down if Jared Kushner is actually in charge.

All of the big late night talk shows out there have spent plenty of time making fun of President Donald Trump since he was sworn into office. However, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has also spent some time trying to figure out who is actually running the country.

On Tuesday night, the Comedy Central late night talk show brought back their segment, “Who is the Real President?”. The segment features power rankings on the real President, with Trump coming in this week at No. 7, behind the likes of Trump’s Siri, Vice President Mike Pence and Pence’s wife.

However, the No. 1 spot this week belonged with Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son in law. Kushner was recently in Baghdad to meet with Iraq’s Prime Minister to discuss how to defeated ISIS, but that’s not all that Kushner has been tasked with.

Kushner has been asked to do an insane number of tasks by Trump, from brokering peace in the Middle East to reforming the criminal justice system to tackling the opioid epidemic to even revamping the entire federal government.

You can watch the entire segment about Kushner from Tuesday night’s episode of The Daily Show in the YouTube video below.

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It seems a bit absurd that a 36-year-old with no political experience has been asked to take on so many different tasks solely because he married Trump’s daughter, but apparently that’s how the White House operates now.