Louis C.K. goes off about Donald Trump on Late Show


Stand-up comedian Louis C.K. stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to talk about his thoughts regarding President Donald Trump.

Over the past year or so, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has seen a bump in ratings thanks to its constant trolling of President Donald Trump, before and after he was sworn in. That trend hasn’t stopped, and it doesn’t seem like it will any time soon.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show, the CBS late night talk show had stand-up comedian Louis C.K. on the set to promote his new special on Netflix. Louis and Stephen Colbert talked about a number of different subjects, including Trump.

After the election, Louis was in some hot water for sending out an email to his fans calling out Trump and even comparing him to Hitler. The comedian claimed he didn’t mean for it to become such a big deal, but he also said that he doesn’t regret sending the email.

You can watch the entire segment of Colbert and Louis C.K. talking about President Trump in the YouTube video below.

Louis continued to talk about Trump during the segment, describing the President as someone who just enjoys to lie and be dishonest. He also described the President as a “gross crook dirty rotten lying sack of s**t,” so I could you could say he’s not Trump’s biggest fan.

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Although he’s not the most political comedian, Louis C.K. is known to go off about Trump from time to time, and I’m sure that Colbert and his staff are glad he did it again on The Late Show.