John Oliver tackles marijuana and drug laws on Last Week Tonight


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took some time this week to talk about federal drug laws and the legalization of marijuana.

Although the HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has spent plenty of time covering President Donald Trump and his administration, what makes the show so popular is the segments that cover important subjects that are relatively overlooked by other mainstream media outlets.

That was the case once again during this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight on Sunday. During the episode, John Oliver discussed the legalization of marijuana and federal drug laws that make a lot of the state regulations to legalize it pretty much pointless.

The entire segment was pretty powerful, showing a few key examples of people who need medical marijuana for reasons such as PTSD and seizures, but have been punished for owning marijuana by either losing their jobs or even having their children taken away from them.

You can watch the entire segment from Last Week Tonight about marijuana in the YouTube video below.

Despite some of the somber tones of the segment, there was still some humor involved as well. Throughout the segment, he kept calling out an imaginary person named Greg, hoping to freak out any stoned viewers named Greg who were watching the episode.

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There have been plenty of strong segments from the HBO series over the years, and it seems like Oliver continues to get more and more comfortable with his role. The former Daily Show correspondent is now one of the biggest names on late night TV, and he’s not going away any time soon.