Colbert trolls Trump over appearance at Women’s Empowerment Forum


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took some time to troll President Donald Trump over his appearance at the Women’s Empowerment Forum.

All of the late night talk shows have taken it upon themselves to constantly make fun of President Donald Trump since he took over the Oval Office. However, some like The Late Show with Stephen Colbert have been doing the same thing way before Trump was even elected.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Colbert had plenty of fresh material to make fun of President Trump with. The fact that Colbert and his staff keep finding new stuff to talk about shows just how unconventional of a president Trump has been.

During the episode, Colbert talked about Trump declining to throw out the first pitch at Opening Day for the Washington Nationals game. Colbert pointed out that Trump might be worried that his hands are too small to palm a baseball.

Colbert also took some time to talk about Trump’s appearance at the Women’s Empowerment Forum, and how strange it was for him to be a speaker considering some of his comments in the past. You can watch the entire segment from Colbert and The Late Show in the YouTube video below.

It was another solid segment from Colbert, who hasn’t let off of the gas when it comes to trolling President Trump. It’s helped him in a big way, as The Late Show has started to dominate the ratings by beating out The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon consistently for the first time since Colbert took over for David Letterman.

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Don’t expect the trolling to slow down any time soon.