Seth Meyers breaks down Devin Nunes and Russian investigation on Late Night


Late Night with Seth Meyers spent Tuesday night’s segment of A Closer Look to break down Devin Nunes and the Russian investigation with President Donald Trump.

It seems that there is a new controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s administration and the White House just about every week. While that can be exhausting for most Americans, late night talk shows are doing what they can to at least provide some humor to the situation.

One show that has done a great job of combining relevant current events and relevant information while adding humor has been the NBC series Late Night with Seth Meyers. The show was back at it again on Tuesday night with their popular segment, A Closer Look.

During Tuesday night’s segment, Seth Meyers took some time to talk about republican Devin Nunes, who has been working as part of the House Intelligence Committee to investigate any potential ties between President Trump and the Russia. You can watch the entire segment of Meyers talking about Nunes in the YouTube video below.

The entire segment had plenty of jokes about Nunes, but one of the best jokes was comparing Trump to The Big Lebowski. As Meyers pointed out, both of them have bath robes, are big fans of rugs and they both love White Russians.

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Since taking over Late Night after being the host of the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, Meyers has really found his own identity over the past couple of months. It’s a big reason why the show’s ratings have improved so much recently, and that bodes well for the show moving forward.