Daily Show shares how to save Meals on Wheels


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah discusses President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, and how to possibly save important programs like Meals on Wheels.

Over the past few weeks, there has been plenty of public outrage over President Donald Trump’s administration and their proposed federal budget. Not surprisingly, plenty of late night talk shows have chimed in on the debate.

One of those shows was the Comedy Central series The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. While there were some jokes and a monologue, the staff of the late night talk show decided to come up with a tremendous sketch as well.

The segment started by talking about some of the programs this proposed budget may cut, including Meals on Wheels, which delivers food and company to older citizens. Despite programs like this being cut, President Trump still wants to increase military spending by $54 billion.

To help save Meals on Wheels, Noah and The Daily Show staff came up with a brilliant idea. That idea is to militarize programs like Meals on Wheels to convince Trump that they’re part of the military budget. You can watch this proposed idea in the YouTube video below.

MEAL Team Six seems like a pretty radical idea, but it just might work if we want to save Meals on Wheels. It’s unfortunate that programs like this are ones that will likely be cut with the new proposed federal budget, but that’s just the reality.

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As for The Daily Show, you have to give them some props for getting creative with their ideas to save programs like this one.