Colbert uses diagram to troll Devin Nunes and Donald Trump


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert brought out a diagram on Tuesday night to explain Devin Nunes possible conflicts of interest with President Donald Trump.

The Figure-it-Out-A-Tron has become a key piece of technology for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert over the past few months. Fortunately for us, the state of the art drawing board made another appearance this week.

During Tuesday night’s episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert wanted to talk about Devin Nunes of the House Intelligence Committee, who is helping with the investigation regarding possible ties between President Donald Trump and Russia.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Nunes over the past week after reports that he may have spoken with Trump and disclosed some information about the investigation with the White House. It doesn’t help that Nunes was also part of Trump’s transition team before he entered the Oval Office.

To help explain why Nunes is so conflicted during this investigation, Colbert brought out the Figure-it-Out-A-Tron once again. You can watch the entire segment about Nunes in the YouTube video below, or skip to the diagram around the 7:50 mark.

The diagram was a pretty not so subtle shot at both Nunes and President Trump, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t funny. That always seems to be what happens whenever the diagram comes out, and it always seems to bring some extra laughter.

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The Late Show has been killing in the ratings because of its constant trolling of Trump, and with segments like these, it’s easy to see why.