Jimmy Kimmel watches as Drunk Trump tries to find Steve (Video)

Credit: Kimmel/ABC
Credit: Kimmel/ABC /

Jimmy Kimmel has a new hit segment on his late night show, so brilliant that it’s unbelievable that no one though to it before.

Being in ate night means trying to come up with the next big viral bit. James Corden at Late Late Show has managed to find ways to be viral but it’s not an easy thing to do consistently. Jimmy Kimmel is vastly underrated in this regard, and he has crafted another great bit for his late night show.

It’s simple, slow down whatever Donald Trump says and replay it. The end result sounds like the ramblings of a drunkard — something people say Trump sounds like at full speed. Slowing it down, however, adds the slurred effect that in turn is hilarious.

Kimmel brought bit back again this week, on Wednesday night’s show played a clip of Trump trying to find a guy named Steve.

It’s hilarious, just watch:

It’s just an phenomenal bit, and it’s hard to fathom that no one came up with it before Kimmel did. To be fair, I didn’t even consider how funny it would be until I saw it, and these kinds of ideas tend to shake out that way.

Kimmel might not be going hard on politics with his show but he’s hardly soft on Trump. He’s not subtle in his trolls but he’s never outwardly political. Instead, Kimmel attacks Trump for being a dope, which is effective in the grand scheme in the Trump trolling that goes on in late night. It also helps Kimmel stand out, something he’s long managed to be able to do.

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