James Corden sends message to London after terrorist attack

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Late Late Show host James Corden sent a heartfelt message to his home country of England following the London terror attack this week.

Late night television is a fun place we go to in order to escape the realities of life. But sometimes the people who bring us so much joy have to stop for a minute when life hits them too hard. That was the case on Wednesday, when Late Late Show host James Corden briefly stopped his show to address this week’s terror attack in London.

The attack, which occurred outside of parliament, left multiple people dead and dozens injured. Corden, who grew up in England and has numerous people on his late night team who hail from the same place, addressed his feelings on the shocking attack.

If you can’t watch the video below — which you should if you can — here’s all of what Corden said to address London following the terror attack.

"“I know a lot of people in Britain watch this show; people from Britain work on this show,” he said. “Watching the news today, I felt a really, really long way from home. When something like that happens in your hometown, you don’t have a feeling of being glad that you’re so far away. What you feel is that you wish you could be there with loved ones to stand alongside them. London is a diverse and proud and brilliant city. And one thing is for sure, if this act of terrorism was supposed to divide the people of London, I know for a fact that all something like this does is bring them closer together as one. Tonight, we send our heartfelt thoughts to everybody in Britain. Stay safe, everybody, please.”"

Corden rarely gets this serious, which means when he does people lean in. He wasn’t doing it to go viral, like he does with his late night clips, he was speaking from the heart. Corden was hurting from what he saw happen in his homeland, and being thousands of miles away couldn’t have helped.

You can watch the full clip below:

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