The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: A Very Paranoid White House

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Stephen Colbert is back with The Late Show and he’s here to talk about the Trump’s administrations paranoia in the white house.

It’s Tuesday. It’s the second day of Spring. Today should be a good day to wake up to. Instead, we’re waking up to Jeff Sessions stance on marijuana and how Colbert believes the Trump administration is smoking it.

"“You know who has a bad case of the Monday’s this Tuesday? The Trump administration.”"

Check out the full clip here:

Colbert makes the claim that paranoia has seized the white house, which surprises him, along with the rest of the American people, because we always through Russia was going to seize it. They’re so paranoid that they’re not saying anything during meetings in fear that the “crooked press” will leak it to the public and jumble their words around to make them seem false.

"“I have some bad news. It didn’t work, because your foes have leaked your mum-staying.”"

The white house is so concerned so they’re not even doing their job. Once white house staffer has taken things to an extreme:

"“Once he gets home in the evening, he turns off his work phone and stores it in a drawer because… he believes it could be used to listen to him even when it’s off,” Colbert reads from a media clipping. “He uses a separate, personal phone in an adjoining room, where the stowed work device wouldn’t be able to pick up his voice as clearly.”"

Is this kind of like when you think your boyfriend is cheating on you so you ask to see their phone but they won’t give it to you? Which only confirms what you already questioned. Is the Trump administration cheating on us?

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