Stephen Colbert Gives Opinion of Trump’s “Hard Power Budget”

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tackles the recent news of Donald Trump’s new budget, which of course, features an increase in military spending.

Another typical morning where Stephen Colbert focuses on the newest thing that Donald Trump has done to piss off this country. This time, he’s made massive budget cuts in a boatload of departments so he can give millions and millions of dollars to the military. You can assume how that went over well with the American people.

"“Last week, Trump released his new budget. They’re calling it a ‘hard power budget’ because it features a 54 billion dollar increase in military spending.” Colbert starts his monologue last night."

Watch the full clip of this recent episode here:

Colbert mentions that he’s cutting funding for the arts, humanities, the EPA, and even Meals on Wheels. C’mon now.

"“I am not surprised because he is jealous of anyone who is well endowed,” adds Colbert."

Can you believe this though? The EPA is going to see a 31% budget cut. The Great Lakes Restoration Initiative is going to see a 97% budget cut. This initiative is fighting invasive species like the sea lamprey.

"“If you’re not familiar with the sea lamprey, you might know it as the vicious, flesh-eating hell beast from your worst nightmares. Or as Steve Bannon calls it- my mentor.”"

The segment continues to show Stephen’s identical twin cousin who is conservative AF and wants to explain the good things about this new budget cut. Good things. Lol. But by the end of the show, this identical twin cousin makes the budget sound just as bad as we always knew it was.

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