Seth Meyers Covers News of Kremlin Response to Russia Interference

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Late Night with Seth Meyers covers Russian election interference, new airline rules, North Korea, bread day, and “Silicon Samantha.”

I guess it was a slow news day yesterday because Seth Meyers was covering a variety of random things in his opening monologue last night. Of course, mostly political things and one in particular about the Kremlin’s response to Russian’s interference in the election. It was a surprise to nobody when they finally responded to it.

"“The Kremlin today, dismissed allegations of Russia interference in the election. And so did the gremlin,” Seth Meyers kicks off his segment last night."

Watch the entire clip here:

But that’s not all he covered during his opener. Between making jokes about bread and talking about a new sex robot “Silicon Samantha,” he mentions where funding is going:

"“President trump signed a funding bill today that supports NASA”s efforts to explore deep space and lay the ground work for a human mission to Mars.”"

Hillary Clinton was the first one to offer up herself to take the human mission. I’m the second. Now accepting applications for the third.

While Hillary and I shuttle off to space, Ivanka Trump is getting her own office in the white house. She’s going to be acting as the “eyes and ears while Mitch McConnell will continue to be the neck.”

Like I said, it was a slow news day so he ends his monologue with,

"“And finally, according to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador retriever was voted the most popular dog breed in 2016.” Meyers throws a picture of another dog on screen. “Unfortunatley, this dog won the electoral vote.”"

Okay, that was a pretty good one, Meyers.

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