Seth Meyers burns Tim Tebow, winter storm on Late Night


Late Night with Seth Meyers leaves no prisoners with its classic segment of Ya Burnt during Thursday night’s episode, trolling the likes of Tim Tebow and Spring Training.

There are few shoes on late night television that are growing their audience as quickly as the NBC series Late Night with Seth Meyers. One of the big reasons for that is that Late Night has some terrific regular segments, from A Closer Look to Ya Burnt.

During Thursday night’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers took no prisoners by calling out a number of different topics. He started by making fun of spring training, with people spending their vacations traveling to Florida to watch grown men stretch instead of playing golf or going to the beach.

Meyers also gave a side burn to Tim Tebow, who has yet to make a real impact for the Mets at spring training. The late night host also trolled the recent winter storm in New York, braces, communal tables, encores and a number of other subjects.

You can watch the entire segment of Ya Burnt from Thursday night’s episode of Late Night in the Youtube video below.

Of course, as an alumni, Meyers couldn’t help but talk about Northwestern basketball, with the Wildcats going to their first ever NCAA tournament. Since the Wildcats won their first game, Meyers let Northwestern slide and didn’t even bother burning them.

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It seems that Meyers and his staff are starting to establish the identity for Late Night, and that’s a big reason why the show is doing so well lately.