Rachel Maddow Talks Tax Returns on The Tonight Show

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After MSNBC host Rachel Maddow recently released Trump’s 2005 tax returns, she appears on The Tonight Show to speak further.

Donald Trump’s tax returns have been a political conversation for quite some time now.  Even though it isn’t necessarily law for the incoming President to show their tax returns, it’s perceived as a common curiosity to the public. Basically, what it cones down to, is that we want to know the next President won’t be as bad as Richard Nixon. Simple enough. So when Trump refused to share his with the American people, it became a cause for concern.

The whole Trump tax return debacle kind of got shoved under the rug for awhile because the country was facing other critical issues. Then Rachel Maddow tweeted this:

And people went crazy. She appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about it. Check out the clip here:

Although the actual tax returns from 2005 didn’t show anything terrible, Maddow makes a great point that this still doesn’t prove anything. She classifies these as “the first piece in the jigsaw puzzle.” It’s not the full story, and the American people still deserve to know more.

"“What would change the world is if Russia was interfering in the election and they weren’t doing it on their own and he was in on it. If he’s got ties to Russia. If he’s got ties to China. If he’s got ties to foreign banks. If he’s got any sort of financial entanglements that might affect his decision making, might change what he does on behalf on the country, so as to deal with his personal stuff- we really need to know that. It’s a national security concern.”"

Maddow continues to say that every other President has showed us their taxes, so why hasn’t Trump. “It would set our minds at ease,” she says.

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