James Corden filled out his March Madness bracket just like a boss

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Late Late Show host James Corden filled out his March Madness bracket last night, picking UCLA to win it all thanks to a few interesting reasons.

James Corden isn’t known as a sports fan, at least not to those who don’t pay attention. A quick look at his Twitter feed on the weekend will show you that he’s an avid Premier League fan, squashing any notion that he’s some ‘theatre geek’.

While the latter title may indeed apply, Corden is more sports balanced than he gets credit for, as evidenced by his support of the Los Angeles Rams when they arrived in town last year from St. Louis. That support is also being thrown behind hometown UCLA when it comes to who Corden thinks will win this year’s NCAA Tournament.

Corden didn’t disappoint, filling out his bracket in a way only he could. To be clear, Corden takes his bracket seriously — for the most part — and doesn’t play the role of a guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

That being said, he filled out his bracket in a way that reminds us how unique he is and why we love him so much.

In short, Corden believes that UCLA will win the national championship because the team’s star — Lonzo Ball — has the word ‘ball’ in his name.

Corden might not be as sports oriented as Kimmel or Fallon — who are aided by ties to major sports networks. Perhaps the fact that CBS, the network that Late Late Show is hosted on, hosts coverage of the NCAA Tournament helps his motivation to fill out a bracket, but don’t sell Corden short on his sports fandom.

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Don’t sell UCLA short either, as Corden might know what he’s talking about.