Colbert can’t function during a day without women staffers


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert decided to pay tribute the all of the women who work on the show by producing a disastrous cold open without them.

Wednesday marked a major occasion across the world as people everywhere celebrated International Women’s Day. There were even protests called “Day without a Woman” across the United States, so The Late Show with Stephen Colbert decided to pay tribute to all of the women who work on the show.

To start Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show, the cold open was produced entirely without the women who work on the CBS late night talk show. Not surprisingly, not having any women to help with the cold open left Colbert and his staff pretty short handed.

Without women, The Late Show wouldn’t have anyone running the footage department, props, research department as well as hair and makeup. It was a great idea from The Late Show to show just how important women in the workplace are.

You can watch the entire cold open without women from Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show in the YouTube video below.

Without any of the women, Colbert just had to read a script made by only the male writers. The script simply said, “open on Voltron and Chewbacca team up to drive monster trucks with their penises”.

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Movements like these were made all across America on Wednesday, so it was pretty cool to see such a big show like The Late Show to make a statement like this one.