Daily Show destroys Trump over wiretapping claims


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah didn’t pull any punches when talking about President Donald Trump’s accusations directed towards Barack Obama.

It was another crazy weekend for the country after President Donald Trump took to Twitter to accuse former President Barack Obama of wire tapping the Trump Tower during the 2016 election without providing any evidence.

Of course, all of the late night talk shows out there had to talk about these incredible accusations, including the Comedy Central series The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. During Monday night’s episode of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah didn’t pull any punches with his jokes directed towards Trump.

Considering the fact that the media was praising Trump less than a week before his Twitter accusations, Noah was pretty surprised by how quickly the President fell back on his old habits.

The Daily Show host also joked about how crazy it is for Trump to believe in conspiracy theories since he’s the President, and he has more information than pretty much anyone else in the country. You can watch the entire segment on Trump’s wiretapping claims in the YouTube video below.

The segment ended with a pretty funny sketch, claiming that while Obama didn’t “tapp” the Trump Tower, The Daily Show did. The sketch included fake phone conversations between the President, the “Failing New York Times“, and Trump hanging up on his daughter Tiffany.

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Trevor Noah had a very tough task trying to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, but he’s slowly starting to establish his own identity on Comedy Central, and it’s starting to pay off.