Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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10. Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan is in two major fandoms so it would honestly be in Saturday Night Live’s best interest to have her host the show. This American/British actress (it is complicated) starred in Supernatural as Bela Talbot before ever making her debut as Maggie Green in The Walking Dead.

She is a funny girl with a great personality and would obviously do well hosting the comedy show. After seeing some celebrities try and fail to be funny on Saturday Night Live, someone like Lauren could easily host without any problem.

The thing about hosting is that you can’t let your nerves take you over and you have to just let it roll off your back. From interviews with Lauren, she just seems like the kind of girl who can roll with anything and that includes whatever the writers of SNL have to throw at her.

Lauren is just a fun actress to watch. Whether it is on the show or in interviews, she has the kind of personality that makes you want to watch whatever she does. So she’d definitely be a pull for Saturday Night Live and it would be great for fans of The Walking Dead to have her on it.