Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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9. Emily Kinney

While her character on the show is (SPOILER ALERT) dead, Emily Kinney still has a huge following from fans of The Walking Dead. From her singing career to her role as Beth Greene, Emily has quite the fanbase now-a-days.

So Saturday Night Live could do something amazing and have their guest be their musical guest as well. Yes she’s not the most famous of the Walking Dead cast but she is still fun to watch. A lot of the time, SNL focuses on who is important in that moment and ignores who would actually be a good host. A lot of the time their best episodes come from people you wouldn’t expect.

For example, Chance the Rapper is still relatively unknown. They gave him a musical guest spot but his sketch “Last Christmas With Barack Still Here” is one of the best of the year so far. Now imagine an entire episode with someone like that? It’d be great!

And Emily could definitely be that person. She’s fun and talented and it would just be an all around great experience to see her take on the show. After all, she’s not on The Walking Dead anymore so she has the time.