Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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1. Andrew Lincoln

Andrew Lincoln, the leader of the show, should have already been asked to host the show. Honestly, it is shocking. They do enough bits based on his Love Actually character, you’d think they’d ask him. (Looking to you, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton, who did the card bit that Andrew’s character did in the film.)

But honestly, it is very surprising that Andrew has never been asked to be a part of the show. Basically because he is, after all, the lead of the television show as well as a pretty famous actor. He may not be intentionally the funniest person on the cast but he is, after all, the main character.

So it would be best for the promotion of the show to have him host. Because, again, he is the lead character. Andrew would do great if they give him the chance and we’d love to see it! And really, it’d be quite funny to see how Andrew takes on hosting.

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So there are ten actors from The Walking Dead that we’d love to see host Saturday Night Live. They’d be amazing and we’d love seeing it. Now, just to get Lorne Michaels on board with the idea.