Saturday Night Live: 10 Walking Dead Actors We Want to see Host

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2. Jeffery Dean Morgan

Much like Lauren Cohan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has the advantage of being in multiple fandoms. Plus Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just a beautiful funny man who would do a wonderful job hosting the show. In case you forgot, he did play a superhero called The Comedian in The Watchmen and he must have gotten the role for a reason.

Jeffrey, who is a heartthrob to many, would bring in so many fans to the show. Mainly because we love Jeffrey Dean. Even his character of Negan has so many confused because he’s hot but that character is deplorable.

But proving how much we love him, we’d watch anything that Jeffrey decides to take on. Including (but not limited to) a hosting episode on Saturday Night Live. Fans from Supernatural and The Good Wife and Watchmen would all come to see one of their favorites watch it and if they weren’t already watching The Walking Dead, they might also watch that.

So really, this would be a win win for everyone involved.   Especially us ladies and gentlemen who love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. So stop doing us a disservice and get him hosting Saturday Night Live immediately! We’ll thank you for it later.