Seth Meyers breaks down media’s reaction to Donald Trump’s speech


Late Night with Seth Meyers discussed President Donald Trump’s address to Congress and the media’s reaction on A Closer Look.

News outlets around the country praised President Donald Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday night for its “presidential” tone. However, late night talk shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers weren’t as easily swayed.

During Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night, Seth Meyers and his staff put together another classic segment of A Closer Look to break down the media’s reaction to Trump’s speech. The majority of major news outlets talked about a shift in tone and how he changed his attitude.

However, as Late Night pointed out, news outlets pretty much said the exact same thing about Trump back in April of 2016 when he stopped referring to Senator Ted Cruz as “Lyin’ Ted”. Granted, as of Thursday morning there have been no negative tweets from the president for a few days, but Meyers and his staff still aren’t buying it.

You can watch the entire segment of A Closer Look from Wednesday night’s episode of Late Night in the YouTube video below.

Meyers didn’t just call out Trump during the segment, however. He also called out Democrats for their response immediately following the speech. Instead of choosing a young, up-and-coming star in the party, the Democrats chose retired Kentucky governor Steve Beshear, who spoke to America at a diner in Kentucky.

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