Jon Stewart asks media to stop whining about Donald Trump


Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart joined his old friend Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to talk about President Donald Trump and his relationship with the media.

It’s been a while since Jon Stewart was the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Fortunately for fans of the former late night host, Stewart still stops by shows from time to time to hang out with some of his old friends.

On Monday night, Stewart stopped by to join his former partner in crime Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. Of course, since Colbert has been going so hard at Trump over the past year or so, him and Stewart had to talk about the current state of the White House and President Trump.

As expected, Stewart killed his segment, starting off by pointing out a number of falsehoods that Trump has stated over the past month or so. He also noted that Trump is lying frequently, because only people who lie constantly say “believe me”.

Probably the strongest part of the segment was when Stewart addressed the media and told them to stop whining about Trump, comparing it to a bad breakup.

“Maybe pick up a hobby,” Stewart said when talking to the media. “I recommend journalism.”

You can watch the entire segment with Stewart on The Late Show in the YouTube video below.

Stewart is expected to return from his television hiatus in the near future after signing a four-year deal with HBO back in 2016. There aren’t many details about what Stewart will be doing for the premium cable network, but his first project is supposedly going to be an animated comedy series making fun of the state of news media.

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There isn’t an exact release date for Stewart’s HBO series, but for the time being, we can at least enjoy his appearances on shows like The Late Show. After all, it’s always great to see Colbert and Stewart reunited.