Colbert breaks down Kid Rock’s campaign for Michigan Senator


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert breaks down Kid Rock and his plan to potentially run for Senator in Michigan on Wednesday night’s episode.

If you thought a couple of years ago that it was crazy for Donald Trump to run for President of the United States, just wait until you see who is trying to run for senate in the state of Michigan.

On Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the CBS late night talk show host talked about a potential campaign from rock star Kid Rock. The musician is apparently planning to run for senator in Michigan. Kid Rock was a strong Trump supporter throughout his campaign, even selling his own Trump-related merchandise.

Fellow rock star Ted Nugent is also apparently going to be running for the same senate position in Michigan, but both musicians are going to have some tough competition. During the segment, Stephen Colbert spoke with Shriekin’ Joe the Saginaw Psychopath, who is also apparently running for senate. The man is about as crazy as they come, and has his own campaign slogans from “Great State of Son-of-a-Bitchigan” to “Shriekin’ Joe: American Dumbass”.

You can watch the segment featuring Shriekin’ Joe in the YouTube video below.

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The fact that two people with no political experience in Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are thinking about running is crazy as is, but the fact that they’ll likely draw similar types of voters could make it hard for either to stand out. It doesn’t really matter to Colbert, however, because it gives him some extra material in the news to make fun of.