Seth Meyers trolls Academy Awards, Trump in opening monologue


Late Night with Seth Meyers opened Tuesday night’s episode by making fun of the Academy Awards and President Donald Trump in the opening monologue.

It was a jam-packed episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, featuring Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Gwen Stefani as guests during the show. Of course, Meyers and his staff couldn’t help but talk about President Donald Trump as well.

Tuesday night’s opening monologue started off with Meyers talking about Trump getting dinner with Vice President Mike Pence, then went into talking about the upcoming Academy Awards, which will take place this weekend. La La Land and Moonlight are the favorites to win Best Picture, but Meyers still found a way to make fun of Trump with his favorite “best picture”.

Other jokes regarding Trump included him continuing to look for Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his monotone statement against anti-semitism. You can watch the entire opening monologue from Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night in the YouTube video below.

Arguably the best joke of the entire opening monologue was regarding a University of Wisconsin student running around the state capitol building naked. As Meyers pointed out, it was the first time in a while anyone has “seen a set of balls inside the state capitol”.

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He may not be the biggest name on late night right now, but Meyers and the Late Night staff continue to deliver solid episodes in 2017. With segments like these, it’s easy to see why he’s picking up so much steam this year.