Seth Meyers trolls Oscars with fake movie trailer for “Oscar Bait”


Late Night with Seth Meyers decided to gun for an Oscar by producing their own trailer for “Oscar Bait”, a movie so profound it just has to win Best Picture.

The 89th Academy Awards are taking place this weekend, and all kinds of movies you may or may not have seen are gunning for Best Picture. However, movies like La La Land and Moonlight may have to step aside.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, the staff put together a movie trailer for their own candidate for an Oscar. The title is simply called Oscar Bait, and it includes all of the generic Oscar-winning movie themes that you see every single year.

Oscar Bait has everything that the Academy Awards voters are looking for, from racial tension to subtle themes of homosexuality and even one long shot of the main character playing solitaire. Even if you’re not a fan of the Oscars, you have to appreciate the work the Late Night staff put into this movie trailer, which you can watch in the YouTube video below.

It definitely feels like Oscar Bait was taking some shots at some actual Oscar-nominated movies like Manchester by the Sea. A lot of the Oscar-nominated movies feel pretty similar, and this segment from Late Night was pretty spot on.

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The late night talk show on NBC is picking up plenty of steam because of their constant trolling of President Donald Trump. However, segments like this are a great way of breaking up the political commentary in an entertaining way.