Colbert talks Trump’s visit to National Museum of African American History


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert discussed President Donald Trump’s trip to the National Museum of African American History during Tuesday’s opening monologue.

It’s not really a new episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert if the CBS late night talk show isn’t making fun of President Donald Trump. To no surprise, Colbert was back to trolling Trump during his opening monologue on Tuesday night.

Colbert started his opening monologue on Tuesday by talking about Trump’s “field trip” to the National Museum of African American History. Trump spent his time at the museum honoring African American heroes like Sojourner Truth, Booker T. Washington and, of course, Ben Carson.

Later in the opening monologue, Colbert had one of his most vicious zingers directed towards the President to date. He criticized Trump for going on the golf course on six different occasions in a month, although his administration refuses to say whether or not Trump has actually golfed on any of those trips

“Sure, he could be on the [golf] course for any reason,” Colbert said. “We know he loves making fun of peoples’ handicaps.”

You can watch the whole opening monologue in the YouTube video below.

Along with making fun of President Trump, Colbert also shared an amazing story of men in Texas who were shot claiming that illegal immigrants from Mexico swarmed on their camp and attacked them. It turned out that the men actually just shot each other.

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It seems that Colbert has taken it upon himself to be a lot less friendly and a little more aggressive with his jokes directed towards Trump in 2017. Given the recent bump in ratings, it’s likely that this trend will continue as long as Trump is president.