Seth Meyers says all Donald Trump needs is a friend


Late Night with Seth Meyers talked about President Donald Trump’s recent rally in Orlando and suggested that all he needs is a friend on A Closer Look.

Almost every weeknight, the hit NBC late night talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers has been using its A Closer Look segments to talk about President Donald Trump. They were back at it again on Monday night.

For Monday night’s segment of A Closer Look, Seth Meyers talked about another eventful weekend in the Trump administration. From an odd campaign rally in Orlando to a casual comment about a tragedy in Sweden that never actually happened, Meyers and the Late Night staff had plenty to talk about.

Probably the funniest takeaway from the segment was Meyers claiming that all Trump really needs is a friend. After all, he’s been calling out the media as an “enemy of the American people”, and has consistently asked for friendly questions. He even brought a huge Trump supporter on stage during his rally in Orlando. You can watch the entire A Closer Look segment in the YouTube video below.

Even with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert going all in on Trump and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver back on HBO, Late Night has quickly developed into one of the better late night shows out there when it comes to political commentary.

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Meyers and Late Night may not have the following that those other shows have, but it might be arguably the fastest-rising late night talk shows in 2017.