John Oliver urges countries around the world that America isn’t crazy


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver wants to assure the rest of the world that the United States of America isn’t as crazy as its president, Donald Trump.

After what felt like a year-long hiatus, the hit HBO series Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has delivered two straight hilarious episodes to start the newest season. On Sunday, Oliver was back at it again with some pretty direct shots at President Donald Trump.

This past weekend, Trump attended a rally in Orlando where he made comments about a supposed attack on Sweden that had occurred the night before. It has now become apparent that nothing actually happened in Sweden, and many of the country’s officials reached out to ask what Trump was referring to.

On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver sent a direct message to the rest of the world to claim that the American people have no idea what Trump is talking about either. He also wanted to make sure the rest of the world was aware that America isn’t crazy. You can watch the whole segment in the YouTube video below.

Oliver continued the segment by pointing out that because Trump commented on an incident that never actually happened in Sweden, it overshadowed some genuinely interesting stories going on around the world. One of the best examples of that was the crazy story behind the assassination of Kim Jong Un’s brother Kim Jong Nam.

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Fortunately for the audience of the popular HBO series, Oliver is on every Sunday to talk about other stories that the public might not have known about, and that’s what makes his show so popular.