Colbert deciphers what emoijs really mean


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert goes full dad mode when trying to decipher what emojis really mean when teenagers are sending them to each other.

Although the hit CBS late night talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert spends most of its time taking shots at President Donald Trump, the staff decided to do something a little different in Monday night’s episode.

During Monday’s episode, Stephen Colbert brought up an unbelievable segment from a local FOX TV station. The segment featured reporters talking about iPhone emojis as if they were a secret code that kids used to hide things from their parents. Some of them included a flower emoji meaning drugs, or the eyeball emojis meaning to send naked pictures.

Of course, the entire segment was pretty ridiculous and didn’t seem to have any evidence to back up its claims, so naturally The Late Show decided to come up with some of their own and had Colbert try to decipher them. Some of these include, “I’m bored in church so I’m going to commit arson” and “let’s kill my grandma and dance on her grave”.

You can watch the entire segment on emojis in the YouTube video below.

It was definitely a nice change of pace from Colbert, who tends to stand out most on The Late Show for his constant trolling of Trump. However, this is probably one of the strongest segments from the CBS series not involving Trump in 2017.

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The Late Show may have found its identity by continuing to call out Trump, but segments like this are a great way to break up those jokes.