Colbert discusses Trump’s potential Russian influence on Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert struggled with the opening monologue on Wednesday night, simply because so much was happening throughout the day.

The hit CBS late night talk show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has been going at President Donald Trump for what seems like forever now. However, this week’s segments have been particularly strong in regards to their level of trolling.

Wednesday night’s episode of The Late Show got off to another strong start. Colbert came out for his opening monologue admitting that it was a tough one to put together, because so much happened throughout the day that they kept having to revise it.

Of course, Colbert had to talk about the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who had reportedly spoken with Russian officials about U.S. sanctions before Trump even took office. However, there are now also reports that the Trump team was in “constant touch” with Russia throughout the campaign.

You can watch the entire opening monologue from Wednesday night’s episode in the YouTube video below.

Near the end of the opening monologue, Colbert called out Paul Manafort for denying being in contact with Russia during the campaign, claiming that it’s not like they wear badges saying that they’re Russian Intelligence Officers. Colbert argued that it’s hard to tell if they’re even wearing badges if you’re talking on the phone.

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The segment ended with an appearance from “Katie Name”, a girl who is totally not a Russian Intelligence Officer despite her thick Russian accent and her previous position working for the Trump campaign. Considering how quickly Colbert had to keep changing his opening monologue, this was one of the better ones in recent memory.