Seth Meyers takes A Closer Look at Michael Flynn’s Resignation


Late Night with Seth Meyers brought out the popular segment, A Closer Look, to break down the resignation of National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

In just three short weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency, the first resignation under his administration has finally happened. Not surprisingly, all of the late night talk shows were on top of the new surrounding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Tuesday night’s episode of Late Night with Meyers delivered one of the better segments on Flynn’s resignation, pulling out their popular segment “A Closer Look”. Meyers joked about Flynn making history with his time as National Security Advisor, lasting just 24 days with the Trump administration after reportedly speaking with Russian officials before the inauguration about Russian sanctions.

Perhaps the best part of the segment from Tuesday night was Late Night pulling out a speech from Flynn in July where he criticized Hillary Clinton and talked about how she should be locked up. You can watch the entire segment of A Closer Look in the YouTube video below.

Meyers had no problem calling out Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller and counselor Kellyanne Conway for refusing to admit that anything was wrong regarding Flynn’s conversations with Russia just days before he was asked to resign. Even Trump claimed he had no knowledge of the incident when asked about the situation while on board Air Force One.

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Few shows have been able to provide solid analysis of current events while adding a humorous angle quite like Late Night. Meyers and his staff are going to keep going all in as long as they see stuff to call out.