Jimmy Kimmel presents Westminster Dog Show without dogs (Video)

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Who would want to see a dog show without dogs? Well everyone should, thanks to Jimmy Kimmel.

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, is a very prestigious event, for both the dogs and their handlers. And to see the handlers without a dog, it’s downright hysterical.

In a world of negative news, it’s nice to see Jimmy Kimmel lighten things up with the dogs, kind of.

Appropriately named, “Westminster Without Dogs” the segment digitally edits out dogs from the clips to great comedic effect. This leaves just the handler walking around the course with a leash, but no dog.

Handlers walk around in a precise way in order to show off the dogs best. For dog show people this is normal, but if you’re not one of those people, it looks very peculiar. Watching women in skirts run with dogs looks funny enough; seeing the same thing but without a dog is even funnier.

During the same dog show, Jimmy Kimmel shows a clip where a judge makes a comment about the winning dog that people seem to find quite funny.

The judge was talking about the winner of the show, using the word bitch to describe the female dog. Although most people don’t use this word to describe a female dog, that is in fact what the word means.

If you want to see the whole segment, the link to the video is below.

In a time of bad news and negative press, it’s nice to be able to stop for a moment and watch women in skirts run around. Although this wouldn’t normally be that funny, it is definitely hilarious in this circumstance.

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