Colbert invites Stephen Miller to tell lies on Late Show


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert invited President Donald Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller to tell lies on the late night CBS talk show.

It’s been pretty clear for the past year that The Late Show host Stephen Colbert isn’t the biggest fan of President Donald Trump. He was back at it once again, calling out Trump’s administration during Monday night’s episode of the late night CBS talk show.

Colbert had plenty to talk about during Monday night’s opening monologue to talk about Trump’s trip to Mar-a-Lago with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. However, The Late Show host also wanted to talk about Trump’s senior advisor Stephen Miller.

Miller went on a number of news programs this weekend to make a number of bold claims, most notably continuing to defend the President’s claims that millions of people voted illegally during the 2016 presidential election. Miller even said that he would go on any show, any time and anywhere to continue to defend these claims.

Colbert simply replied by saying that Miller should come on The Late Show so that he could call Trump’s senior advisor a liar to his face. You can watch the entire opening monologue from Monday night’s episode in the YouTube video below.

Although Colbert isn’t the biggest fan of Trump, The Late Show is definitely getting a serious boost in ratings because of his constant criticism of the President. In fact, The Late Show was able to beat out The Tonight Show a couple of weeks ago for the first time since Colbert first took over for David Letterman.

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Colbert hasn’t been pulling any punches lately, and the audience is starting to get into it more than usual.