John Oliver discusses “Trump vs Truth” on Last Week Tonight


In the Season 4 premiere of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, the HBO series broke down President Donald Trump and the current state of reality.

After months of waiting, the hit HBO late night talk show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver finally returned on Sunday night. Not surprisingly, John Oliver had plenty to talk about in the Season 4 premiere.

The entire 30-minute episode of Last Week Tonight on Sunday night discussed the busy first few weeks of President Donald Trump in office. However, the vast majority of the episode discussed the concept of “Trump vs Truth” and how the President gets his information.

Oliver called out a number of claims from Trump and his administration, from the claims that millions of people voted illegally to the fact that the sun came out during Trump’s inauguration speech. However, Oliver and his staff also tried to figure out why Trump makes so many of these controversial claims.

During the segment, Oliver pointed out multiple instances where Trump praised controversial far-right media organizations from Breitbart News to The Alex Jones Show. You can watch the entire segment from Sunday night’s episode in the YouTube video below.

After such a long period of time without Oliver, it was definitely a strong first episode of Last Week Tonight. Oliver made it clear that the HBO series will spend most of their time focusing on other important matters in later weeks, but he said that his staff felt obligated to discuss “fake news” and Trump vs Truth in the Season 4 premiere.

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Oliver and Last Week Tonight aren’t going away any time soon, thankfully, which means that we’ll have plenty more segments to laugh at and learn from in the coming weeks.