25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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4. Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton

Before Kate McKinnon came around, Amy Poehler was the queen of the Hillary Clinton impersonation. She did the Hillary rap and so many other icon moments as the first woman to win the popular vote that she definitely had to be on this list.

Again, this one was based more on who Saturday Night Live had that looked like Hillary. Amy has talked about her lack of ability to do accents time and time again. She wasn’t hired for her impersonation abilities and she knew that. But with Hillary came a necessity for the show as well as a great vehicle for Amy.

Back in 2007, Hillary was working towards making her campaign for the presidency. Unfortunately for her, Barack Obama swooped in and took that Democratic nomination win right out from under her. (For the better but at the time, Hillary thought she’d had it in the bag.)

It comes up in the Hillary dream sequence from last year’s Christmas episode but it is true. Hillary in 2015 dreaming of the White House wasn’t that much different than Hillary in 2007, dreaming of the White House.

Amy did an incredible job as Hillary and we were lucky to have her at a time when her Hillary was perfect.