25 of the Best Political Impersonations on Saturday Night Live

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5. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Okay really though, is this even a question? Alec came into Saturday Night Live this season playing Donald Trump and ever since, he’s made the show ten times better and even has angered the president himself. You know you’re amazing as a impersonator when the person you’re making fun of gets so angry they go on a tweet storm.

And that has definitely happened multiple times between Trump and Baldwin. Now this isn’t the first time that Alec has been on the show. No, in fact, before February 11th, he has hosted the show 17 times. And that’s not counting all his guest starring roles.

The thing about his impression of Trump is that it is pretty spot on. From the weird white circles around his eyes to everything he says, Alec isn’t looking to play the part as less than stellar. So each episode brings us a new look at Donald Trump and a cooler look at Alec Baldwin.

And really, we’re looking forward to every sketch that is coming in the next four years. If this impression is the only shining light in the dark world we seem to be launching into, it is almost worth it. Especially with Alec continually fighting back against Trump. Their feud may even end up as a Ryan Murphy television show.