Kate McKinnon plays Elizabeth Warren on SNL Weekend Update


During Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update this week, cast member Kate McKinnon made an appearance as senator Elizabeth Warren.

Colin Jost and Michael Che have been a dynamic duo on the Weekend Update for the hit NBC series Saturday Night Live. Meanwhile, SNL cast member Kate McKinnon has been playing a number of members of President Donald Trump’s administration and other political figures.

We got the best of both of those world in this week’s episode of SNL when McKinnon appeared on this week’s Weekend Update to play senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren has been in the national spotlight for the past week after he was shut down while speaking on the senate floor by majority leader Mitch McConnell. s

Needless to say, McKinnon killed the impression of Warren while roasting Colin Jost in the process. McKinnon took some playful jabs at Jost for being considered a full-time SNL cast member despite only doing one 10-minute segment a week.

Saturday Night Live posted a GIF of McKinnon’s appearance as Senator Warren.

You can watch a video of McKinnon’s appearance as Warren in the YouTube video below.

McKinnon was all over the place on this week’s episode. Not only did she play Warren, but she also played attorney general Jeff Sessions in the cold open as well as Kellyanne Conway for another segment.

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It was an eventful episode overall, with Alec Baldwin hosting for a record 17th time. Melissa McCarthy also returned as White House press secretary Sean Spicer. With one of the stronger episodes of the season, McKinnon’s work definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the audience or anyone watching at home.