Alec Baldwin plays Donald Trump on SNL’s “People’s Court”


In his 17th time hosting Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin once again returned as President Donald Trump in a tremendous “People’s Court” sketch.

Everyone was wondering how Alec Baldwin was going to play President Donald Trump in this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live. While we didn’t get a Trump-related sketch right away, the wait was definitely worth it.

After the Weekend Update, Baldwin’s Trump appearance finally occurred in a segment of the “People’s Court”. In the sketch Trump sued three federal judges who shut down his executive order regarding the travel ban, but on a TV courtroom. As Baldwin said, it makes sense to have a TV courtroom since he was a “TV president”.

There were the usual appearances too, from Death playing Steve Bannon once again to Beck Bennett as Russian president Vladimir Putin. However, it was Baldwin who once again stole the show thanks to his spot-on impersonation.

Cecily Strong also deserves some credit for her TV judge character. SNL provided a short clip of one of her messages to President Trump.

You can watch the full sketch in the YouTube video below.

This was Baldwin’s 17th time hosting Saturday Night Live, which is more than anyone else has ever. With how many times he’s been on the show this season to play Trump, many are wondering how much longer he’ll be willing to keep up the role. This week’s episode even addressed that with a sketch of Leslie Jones trying to play Trump.

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Only time will tell whether or not Baldwin stays on, but for the time being we’re not complaining that he keeps coming on, because the sketches have been terrific.