Kate McKinnon appears as Jeff Sessions in SNL Cold Open


Saturday Night Live started this week’s episode with another Trump cabinet member cast as a woman, this time having Kate McKinnon play Jeff Sessions.

Every week, Saturday Night Live has been opening up with political cold opens calling out President Donald Trump and his cabinet all season. They were back at it again this week.

Melissa McCarthy returned as White House press secretary Sean Spicer to give another press briefing. Some of the same gimmicks from last week returned, including the dollies and McCarthy attacking the press with her podium.

Kate McKinnon also returned in this week’s fake press briefing. After playing Betsy DeVos in last week’s sketch, McKinnon played attorney general Jeff Sessions, and she once again delivered a strong performance.

Although McKinnon did a great job as Sessions, many were hoping that Trump’s bitter rival Rosie O’Donnell would play chief strategist Steve Bannon. O’Donnell even said that she’d be interested in doing it and changed her Twitter profile picture to make herself look like Bannon.

Saturday Night Live tweeted out a GIF of McKinnon’s appearance.

You can the full video of this week’s Cold Open in the YouTube video below.

It was a bit of a surprise that Alec Baldwin didn’t appear in the cold open, but fans still got plenty of the actor during the episode. It was Baldwin’s 17th time hosting the NBC late night series, the most that anyone has ever hosted SNL.

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As for McKinnon, she continues to play all kinds of political characters from Hillary Clinton to Sessions to Kellyanne Conway. Hopefully we’ll get a few more before the season is over.