Conan says The Walking Dead is a glimpse into Trump’s future


Conan O’Brien gives alternative descriptions to popular TV shows with the popular segment from the TBS series called “What Conan’s Watching”.

Whenever you’re watching a show you haven’t seen before, you’re probably going to press the info button to learn more about what the program is about. Unfortunately for you, you probably don’t have the same info button that Conan O’Brien has.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the popular TBS late night talk show Conan, the staff brought back the popular segment “What Conan’s Watching”, which provides alternative descriptions to popular TV shows.

There were all kinds of recognizable shows with great descriptions, including Toddler & Tiaras which was described as “Tune in every week as the Department of Social Services collects more evidence.”

Of course, Conan and the staff had to talk about the massively successful AMC series The Walking Dead, which returns this Sunday. The description was a hilarious shot at the current President, saying that The Walking Dead is “Set in year 3 of the Trump presidency”. You can watch the entire segment of “What Conan’s Watching” in the YouTube video below.

Although Conan doesn’t take nearly as many shots at President Trump as other late night talk shows do, that doesn’t mean that they avoid jokes directed his way altogether. Whenever they do make fun of Trump, it seems to be done in pretty hilarious fashion.

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It’s too bad there isn’t an option for show descriptions written by the Conan staff on your remote, because I would much rather read those than the ones provided.