Colbert says Steve Bannon looks like helmetless Darth Vader on meth

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Stephen Colbert says Donald Trump’s Senior Strategist, Steve Bannon, looks like a Star Wars character on drugs without a helmet.

White House chief strategist Steven Bannon is apparently the one behind all the decisions at the White House, and has recently graced the cover of Time magazine. Late Show host Stephen Colbert used his opening monologue on Monday night to talk about more things relating to Trump, including Bannon’s magazine cover.

Before he showed the cover, Colbert urged viewers to remove children from the room. When he revealed the cover, the audience instantly gave a negative reaction.

“He looks like a helmetless Darth Vader on meth,” Colbert said to describe Bannon’s cover. Which is very descriptive and oddly specific.

It appeared that there were no touch-ups or Photoshop involved in the image, as Bannon looked quite aged. After his description of Bannon, Colbert warned him against having gone on the cover of Time., urging that the person in charge usually likes to be on the cover.

The image on the cover was likened by Colbert to a drug user. Bannon has beauty spots all over his face, and a large portion of his face by his nose is red and irritated.

Colbert says Trump most likely won’t take well to seeing Bannon on the cover, and him being friends with Putin, you shouldn’t get on his bad side. If you want to see the image, and Colbert’s full description of Bannon, the link to the YouTube video is below.

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