Seth Meyers trolls Donald Trump over Travel Ban and Putin on A Closer Look


Late Night with Seth Meyers brought back A Closer Look to talk about how president Donald Trump has handled the travel ban fallout and his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

After another long weekend that involved plenty of headlines surrounding president Donald Trump’s administration, Late Night with Seth Meyers returned on Monday night to break it all down.

Meyers and his staff brought out the popular segment “A Closer Look” to break down some of the recent events in the White House on Monday night’s episode of Late Night. They started by talking about Trump’s rollout of the “travel ban” and his willingness to call out a judge for attempting to block the president’s executive order.

After talking about Trump’s recent tweets calling out the judge, Meyers moved to the pro-Trump rally in New York City that featured 50-100 people and then discussed Kellyanne Conway’s recent comments regarding a “Bowling Green massacre” that never actually happened.

You can watch the entire segment from Monday night’s episode in the YouTube video below.

Of course, people like New Jersey governor Chris Christie and vice president Mike Pence continue to defend Trump’s comments regardless of how ridiculous they are. Pence was even called upon to defend Trump’s comments for praising Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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We’re only a few short weeks into Trump’s presidency, and late night shows like the hit NBC series with Meyers continue to call the president out on anything and everything. Expect much of the same over the next four years, and look for Meyers to continue to be one of the better hosts at doing exactly that.