Rosie O’Donnell wants to play Steve Bannon on SNL

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - MAY 29: Rosie O'Donnell performs as part of the Cyndi Lauper
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ - MAY 29: Rosie O'Donnell performs as part of the Cyndi Lauper /

Donald Trump’s ultimate rival Rosie O’Donnell says that she’s open to playing White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live.

Melissa McCarthy stole the show on last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live with her portrayal of White House press secretary Sean Spicer. Now, another female comedian with plenty of ties to president Donald Trump wants to throw her hat in the ring.

Comedian and notorious Trump rival Rosie O’Donnell went on Twitter on Monday night to say that she would be interested in playing White House chief strategy Steve Bannon on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

SNL had recently cast Bannon as “Death” on last week’s SNL cold open, but they could certainly use an actual celebrity to play the controversial Trump staff member. Bannon was also a founding member of Breitbart, a far-right news website that has been described as the platform for the “alt-right” movement.

As for O’Donnell, she’s been going back and forth with Trump since 2006, and this would be the ultimate way for her to keep taking shots at the president with an appearance on SNL. You can see a couple of tweets from Rosie below.

We’ve already had plenty of celebrity cameos of former cast members and others playing Trump’s cabinet members. McCarthy as Spicer has stolen the show, but we’ve also had John Goodman play Rex Tillerson and Kate McKinnon play Kellyanne Conway.

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It’s now up to SNL to actually call upon Rosie O’Donnell to get her to play Bannon, but now there is definitely a ton of buzz surrounding this potential fit. Hopefully SNL makes it happen, because we can’t wait to see the potential future tweets from Trump.