Jimmy Kimmel Live: Matt Damon dresses as Tom Brady, crashes show


Jimmy Kimmel Live! was really excited to have Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady on Monday night’s show. Unfortunately it was just Matt Damon in disguise.

There has been an intense feud between late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and actor Matt Damon over the years. Unfortunately for Kimmel, the actor was somehow able to sneak onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live! following Super Bowl LI.

Kimmel and his staff were excited to learn that they were going to have New England Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady on the show for Monday night’s episode. The man who was supposedly Brady came out onto the set in full uniform, with the No. 12 jersey and helmet to hide his face.

After a few moments, Kimmel eventually took “Brady’s” helmet off to reveal that it was actually Damon. Kimmel called on Guillermo to kick Damon off of the set, but instead Guillermo asked Mr. Brady to sign his deflated football. You can watch the entire segment with Damon in the YouTube video below.

Obviously the entire segment was a joke to keep fanning the flames on Damon and Kimmel’s beef, but it makes for some entertaining late night television. You have to give Damon credit for always being a good sport during these, but it also probably helped that his Patriots overcame a 28-3 deficit to win another Super Bowl.

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It has to be tough for Atlanta Falcons fans right now, but Patriots fans around the country, including Damon, are finding their own ways to celebrate the fifth Super Bowl in the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era.