Stephen Colbert is a Bowling Green Masacre truther

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Stephen Colbert shares his ideas as to why the Bowling Green Massacre was never covered by the press.

Donald Trump says that for ‘reasons’ the press only like to report on certain things, and will leave other important events unreported. As someone from his administration pointed out, the Bowling Green Massacre wasn’t covered by the press at all.

Late last week, Kellyanne Conway — who is largely responsible for helping turn the Trump campaign around back in the fall of 2016 — made remarks about a nonexistent massacre during an interview. The internet went wild, trolling Conway for fabricating a massacre to presumably push the administrations’ agenda, specifically the Muslim travel ban.

Colbert explains why the press may not have covered this tragic event. He said it was not covered because it did not happen.

People can’t report on something that never happened, nor can people remember something that never existed in the first place.

Colbert says it’s important for the press to report both sides of the story: things that happened, and things that didn’t happen. Letting the people decide is really the only fair way to do it.

He also said that the massacre could have been an inside job. “If America isn’t going to be attacked, who’s most likely not to do it? Us.”

Giving us the real truth, Colbert urges the media to release the reports they never got for the attack that never happened. He says he will continue to get more information on the not developing story.

If you want to watch Colbert give you the truth:

Watch out for the press, because they might not post things that didn’t happen.

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