Kristen Stewart drops an F-bomb on SNL (Video)

Credit: SNL
Credit: SNL /

Saturday Night Live host Kristen Stewart dropped an F-bomb in her opening monologue but played it off as cooly as you’d expect.

Whenever you’re doing a live taping of a show, things could happen that slip through the cracks. It’s live television, after all, which means there’s far less time to catch something like the host of Saturday Night Live dropping an F-bomb in her opening monologue.

That’s exactly what happened to SNL host Kristen Stewart, who almost made it through her monologue clean. After setting up a premise about how she was “too cool for school”, Stewart made sure to clarify that SNL is the coolest show out there — except she added some extra emphasis.

She instantly knew what she had done, and played it off in the most honest way possible. Rather than freak out, she continued on with her little spiel and ad-libbed that this is probably going to be the last time she’s invited to the show.

Hopefully it’s not the case that this causes her to not be invited back. If anything, the F-bomb being dropped was disarming, and if anyone was sort of put off by Stewart at the start of the show they were on board with her after that. It’s just what happens when someone makes an honest mistake and then owns it.

Seriously, it’s 2017 and dropping an F-Bomb on live television at 11pm ET is not that big of a deal. We’re all adults and everyone makes mistakes.

All Stewart did was say a bad word, and it was clearly an innocent accident. If SNL wants to be an industry leader in counterculture comedy, then they can’t shy away from something like this.